Miraflor Nature Reserve is an area of 206 square kilometers near the town of Esteli.



Every attraction in Miraflor is privately owned, often by poor campesinos- farmers. Your financial support helps to continue the preservation of these unique forests.

Wildlife: 236 distinct bird species belonging to 46 different families inhabit or fly through these mountains—that’s nearly 40 percent of all bird species in the country, including four species of the elusive, but beautiful quetzal,, toucans, the ranchero, with its three dangling chins, and the Nicaraguan national bird, the guardabarranco. 

The reserve is also one of your best chances to spot coyotes, deer, sloths, howler monkeys, raccoons, skunks, armadillos, and exotic rodents.

Orchids: Among the more than 300 identified species is an enormous colony of Cattleya skinniri (the national flower of Costa Rica), as well as plenty of  bromeliads and a museum of other orchids from throughout the reserve.

Hikes and Adventure: Short hikes are possible through any of the hundreds of pockets of forest, but ask your guide to take you on one of the more adventurous trips. Although difficult to access, the 60-meter waterfall at La Chorrera is one of the wildest spots in the reserve. The Caves of Apaguis were dug in pre-Columbian times by gem seekers and have been occupied ever since byduendes (dwarves), as any local will inform you. The mature cloud forest of Bosque Los Volcancitos is Miraflor’s highest point at 1,484 meters and is a known habitat for howler monkeys and quetzals. 

There are fantastic views from El Tayacán, Cerro Yeluca, Cerro El Aguila, La Coyotera, and Ocote Calzado.