Chaco Verde: This side of the island is really `back to nature`. Swim in the lake with only the birds and howler monkeys to keep you company. Kayaking is a great option too.


El Ojo de Agua: The only place you can swim other than in the lake, the waters of El Ojo de Agua-pictured above- are crystal clear from the mountains, and bracing. Enjoy an afternoon bathing in a beautiful natural setting.


Playa Santo Domingo: Between the two volcanoes. A  crescent of black sand nestled on the “bridge” Nearby is a good place to spot howler monkeys. 


Río Istián: Paddling a kayak through a tree canopy with the two volcanos as a background. Best early morning or before sunset.


Volcan Maderas: The smaller of Ometepe`s two volcanoes- 1,394 meters- and the more popluar hike. Maderas is dormant with a beautiful forested lake within the crater. Allow at least four hours to go up and three to come back down. Do not attempt the hike without a guide.