Nicaragua Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Beaches- If we had to choose our favorite beach we would choose this one     
  • Granada- Colonial buildings, upscale dining and horse and carts in the oldest inhabited city in the Americas
  • Laguna de Apoyo- Swim in a volcanic lake set against a backdrop of mountains and volcanoes and think "life could be worse".
  • Leon- Home to the largest cathedral in Central America.
  • Little Corn Island - White sand blue seas, lobster and great diving.
  • Masaya- Look into the mouth of an active volcano.
  • Pearl Cays- 18 Caribbean islands with turquoise sea and white sand beaches.
  • Ometepe- Volcanoes, waterfalls and hot springs in the middle of a lake!
  • San Juan del Sur- The party beach in Nicaragua with luxury resorts, surf lodges and some of the best beaches in Nicaragua close by.
  • Rio San Juan- Follow Mark Twain's journey down this majestic river into pristine rainforest. 

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