Our Top 10 Beaches in Nicaragua


In our view the best beaches in Nicaragua are:


The Corn Islands 

Picnic Center Beach on Big Corn is the most popular swimming beach, a long, golden crescent of soft sand and turquoise water. Long Beach, just as pretty, but a bit rougher and with fewer bars/restaurants. On Little Corn the beach in front of Peace and Love is a gem. The North of the island can get very windy!


El Coco

A clean quiet beach with safe swimming and an opportunity to see turtles, make this a great chouice for families.



One of the best surf breaks in Nicaragua.



A very short drive from San Juan del Sur, Playa Marsella- pictured above- is one of the prettiest beaches on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. 



Montelimar Beach is the closest beach to Managua. It consists of 3km of near white sandy beaches and a bland all inclusive Barceló resort that was formerly dictator Samoza's beach house.


Pearl Cays

Idyllic deserted white sand beaches, surrounded by turquoise waters. A piece of paradise! [Find out more....]



A beautiful small crescent beach on the Pacific Coast. [Photo...]


San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur beach is located about 90 minutes drive from Granada, close to the border with Costa Rica. By far the most popular beach in Nicaragua, which can be good or bad. Some of the best luxury resorts and luxury villas are here or in the immediate coastal area.


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