Pearl Cays in Nicaragua

The Pearl Cays are a group of 18 untouched tropical islands located 35 kilometers offshore from Pearl Lagoon on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

Reachable only by private boat, these idyllic islands  are a postcard view of  white sandy beaches, blue turquoise calm waters.

The islands are also nesting sites for the hawks bill turtle an endangered species. 


Getting there: There is a flight direct from Managua to Bluefields, about 1 hour flight.

From there a panga ride from Pearl Lagoon is the only way to go, the ride is less than an hour. On the way to the Pearl Cays, it is usually possible to see dolphins.

Visitors can enjoy their private tropical island maybe sunbathing on the beach, reading a book under a palm tree or swimming in the warm, clear Caribbean water. The clear water is ideal snorkeling and even spear-fishing.

Another option is to do some fishing around the islands. Small and large tropical fish are plentiful in these rich waters, and fish like grunt and snapper can all be found here. The freshly caught fish can be cooked on the beach for you.

Other islands be reached by boat, but depending on the location it is possible to swim to another island.

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Pearl Lagoon in Nicaragua


Pearl Lagoon- Laguna de Perlas- on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, is one of the largest freshwater lagoons in Central America.

About 35 kilometers from the small town of Pearl Lagoon. The Pearl Cays are a group of around 14 small picture perfect deserted islands with white sand, turquoise sea, and palm trees. Local pangas act as water taxis enabling visitors to enjoy any of the islands for a day trip.

The warm  Caribbean water is perfect for safe swimming and snorkeling as well as world class tarpon fishing.

The Pearl Cays are  an important nesting site for the endangered Hawksbill Turtles. 

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